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Subminiature Aluminum Electrolytic 6.3V to 100V

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Subminiature Aluminum Electrolytic 6.3V to 100V

6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V


Capacitors listed in Voltage order

 Part No.Part No. 
CapacitanceRadial LeadAxial Lead 
Voltage - 6.3V


47mf   NEH47M6.3AA
68mf   NEH68M6.3
100mf   NEH100M6.3BA
150mf   NEH150M6.3
220mf NEV220M6.3  
330mf NEV330M6.3 NEH330M6.3CB
470mf NEV470M6.3DC NEH470M6.3CB
680mf   NEH680M6.3
1000mf NEV1000M6.3DE NEH1000M6.3DC
1500mf NEV1500M6.3 NEH1500M6.3
2200mf NEV2200M6.3EF NEH2200M6.3ED
3300mf NEV3300M6.3FF NEH3300M6.3EE
4700mf   NEH4700M6.3FE
6800mf NEV6800M6.3FH NEH6800M6.3FF
10,000mf NEV10000M6.3GI NEH10000M6.3GF
Voltage - 10V
33mf   NEH33M10AA
47mf NEV47M10AA NEH47M10BA
68mf   NEH68M10
100mf NEV100M10BA NEH100M10BB
150mf   NEH150M10
220mf NEV220M10CB NEH220M10CB
330mf NEV330M10DC NEH330M10CB
470mf NEV470M10DD NEH470M10CC
680mf NEV680M10DD NEH680M10DC
1000mf NEV1000M10EE NEH1000M10DD
1500mf NEV1500M10 NEH1500M10
2200mf NEV1500M10 NEH2200M10EE
3300mf NEV3300M10FG NEH3300M10FE
4700mf NEV4700M10FH NEH4700M10FF
6800mf NEV6800M10GI NEH6800M10GF
10,000mf NEV10000M10II NEH10000M10HF
22,000mf NEV22000M10HJ NEH22000M10II
Voltage - 16V
15mf   NEH15M16
22mf   NEH22M16AA
33mf NEV33M16AA NEH33M16BA
47mf NEV47M16BA NEH47M16BA
68mf NEV68M16 NEH68M16
100mf NEV100M16CB NEH100M16BB
150mf NEV150M16 NEH150M16
220mf NEV220M16DC NEH220M16CB
330mf NEV330M16DD NEH330M16CC
470mf NEV470M16DE NEH470M16DC
680mf NEV680M16DE NEH680M16DC
1000mf NEV1000M16EE NEH1000M16ED
1500mf NEV1500M16 NEH1500M16
2200mf NEV2200M16FF NEH2200M16FE
3300mf NEV3300M16FH NEH3300M16FF
4700mf NEV4700M16GH NEH4700M16GF
6800mf NEV6800M16II NEH6800M16HF
10,000mf NEV10000M16HI NEH10000M16HB
Voltage - 25V
10mf   NEH10M25BA
15mf   NEH15M25
22mf NEV22M25AA NEH22M25BA
33mf NEV33M25BA NEH33M25BA
47mf NEV47M25BA NEH47M25BB
68mf NEV68M25 NEH68M25
100mf NEV100M25CB NEH100M25CB
150mf NEV150M25  
220mf NEV220M25DD NEH220M25CC
330mf NEV330M25DE NEH330M25DC
470mf NEV470M25EE NEH470M25DD
680mf NEV680M25EE NEH680M25ED
1000mf NEV1000M25EF NEH1000M25EE
1500mf NEV1500M25 NEH1500M25
2200mf NEV2200M25FH NEH2200M25FF
3300mf NEV3300M25GI NEH3300M25GF
4700mf NEV4700M25II NEH4700M25HF
6800mf NEV6800M25HA NEH6800M25HB
10,000mf NEV10000M25HB NEH10000M25JB
Voltage - 35V
10mf   NEH10M35AA
15mf NEV15M35  
22mf NEV22M35BA NEH22M35BA
33mf NEV33M35BA NEH33M35BB
47mf NEV47M35CB NEH47M35CB
68mf NEV68M35 NEH68M35
100mf NEV100M35DC NEH100M35CC
150mf NEV150M35 NEH150M35
220mf NEV220M35DE NEH220M35DC
330mf NEV330M35EE NEH330M35DD
470mf NEV470M35EF NEH470M35ED
680mf NEV680M35EF NEH680M35EE
1000mf NEV1000M35FF NEH1000M35FE
1500mf NEV1500M35  
2200mf NEV2200M35GH NEH2200M35GF
3300mf NEV3300M35II NEH3300M35GF
4700mf NEV4700M35HI NEH4700M35HB
6800mf NEV6800M35HB NEH6800M35JB
Voltage - 50V
.10mf NEV.10M50AA NEH.10M50AA
.22mf NEV.22M50AA NEH.22M50AA
.33mf NEV.33M50AA NEH.33M50AA
.47mf NEV.47M50AA NEH.47M50AA
.56mf NEV.56M50  
1.0mf NEV1.0M50AA NEH1.0M50AA
2.2mf NEV2.2M50AA NEH2.2M50AA
3.3mf NEV3.3M50AA NEH3.3M50AA
4.7mf NEV4.7M50AA NEH4.7M50AA
6.8mf NEV6.8M50 NEH6.8M50
10mf NEV10M50AA NEH10M50BA
15mf NEV15M50 NEH15M50
22mf NEV22M50BA NEH22M50BB
33mf NEV33M50CB NEH33M50CB
47mf NEV47M50CB NEH47M50CB
68mf NEV68M50 NEH68M50
100mf NEV100M50DD NEH100M50CC
150mf NEV150M50 NEH150M50
220mf NEV220M50EE NEH220M50DD
330mf NEV330M50EE NEH330M50ED
470mf NEV470M50FF NEH470M50EE
680mf NEV680M50FF NEH680M50FE
1000mf NEV1000M50FG NEH1000M50FF
2200mf NEV2200M50GH NEH2200M50FG
3300mf NEV3300M50HA NEH3300M50HB
4700mf NEV4700M50HB NEH4700M50JB
Voltage - 63V
.10mf NEV.10M63AA NEH.10M63AA
.22mf NEV.22M63AA NEH.22M63AA
.33mf NEV.33M63AA NEH.33M63AA
.47mf NEV.47M63AA NEH.47M63AA
.68mf NEV.68M63 NEH.68M63
1.0mf NEV1.0M63AA NEH1.0M63AA
1.5mf NEV1.5M63 NEH1.5M63
2.2mf NEV2.2M63AA NEH2.2M63AA
3.3mf NEV3.3M63AA NEH3.3M63AA
4.7mf NEV4.7M63AA NEH4.7M63BA
6.8mf NEV6.8M63 NEH6.8M63
10mf NEV10M63BA NEH10M63BB
15mf NEV15M63 NEH15M63
22mf NEV22M63CB NEH22M63CB
33mf NEV33M63CB NEH33M63CB
47mf NEV47M63DC NEH47M63CC
68mf NEV68M63 NEH68M63
100mf NEV100M63DE NEH100M63DC
150mf NEV150M63  
220mf NEV220M63EE NEH220M63ED
330mf NEV330M63EF NEH330M63EE
470mf NEV470M63FF NEH470M63FE
680mf NEV680M63FF NEH680M63FF
1000mf NEV1000M63GH NEH1000M63GF
2200mf NEV2200M63HI NEH2200M63HB
3300mf NEV3300M63HB NEH3300M63JB
Voltage - 100V
.10mf NEV.10M100AA  
.15mf NEV.15M100  
.22mf NEV.22M100AA NEH.22M100AA
.33mf NEV.33M100AA NEH.33M100AA
.47mf NEV.47M100AA NEH.47M100AA
.68mf NEV.68M100  
1.0mf NEV1.0M100AA NEH1.0M100AA
1.5mf NEV1.5M100  
2.2mf NEV2.2M100AA NEH2.2M100AA
3.3mf NEV3.3M100AA NEH3.3M100BA
4.7mf NEV4.7M100BA NEH4.7M100BA
6.8mf NEV6.8M100  
10mf NEV10M100CB  
15mf NEV15M100  
22mf NEV22M100DC NEH22M100CC
33mf NEV33M100DD NEH33M100CC
47mf NEV47M100DE NEH47M100DC
68mf NEV68M100  
100mf NEV100M100EE NEH100M100ED
150mf NEV150M100  
220mf NEV220M100FF NEH220M100FE
470mf NEV470M100GH NEH470M100FE
680mf NEV680M100GH NEH680M100GF
1000mf NEV1000M100HI NEH1000M100HB



HIGH Voltages 160 - 450 VoltsSubminiature Aluminum Electrolytic 160V to 450V

160V 250V 350V 450V
Capacitors listed in Voltage order Clickherefor specifications sheet


  Part No. Part No.  
Capacitance Radial Lead Axial Lead  
Voltage - 160V NEHH 5C
1.0mf NEVH1.0M160AA NEHH1.0M160AA
2.2mf NEVH2.2M160AB NEHH2.2M160BA
3.3mf NEVH3.3M160AB NEHH3.3M160BA
4.7mf NEVH4.7M160BB NEHH4.7M160BB
10mf NEVH10M160BC NEHH10M160CC
22mf NEVH22M160CD NEHH22M160DD
33mf NEVH33M160DD NEHH33M160DD
47mf NEVH47M160DE NEHH47M160ED
100mf NEVH100M160EF NEHH100M160FE
220mf NEVH220M160II NEHH220M160HB
330mf NEVH330M160HA NEHH330M160JB
470mf NEVH470M160HB NEHH470M160HJ
Voltage - 250V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M250AB NEHH1.0M250BA
2.2mf NEVH2.2M250AB NEHH2.2M250BB
3.3mf NEVH3.3M250BB NEHH3.3M250CB
4.7mf NEVH4.7M250BC NEHH4.7M250CB
10mf NEVH10M250CC NEHH10M250CD
22mf NEVH22M250DD NEHH22M250ED
33mf NEVH33M250DE NEHH33M250EE
47mf NEVH47M250EF NEHH47M250FE
100mf NEVH100M250II NEHH100M250GF
Voltage - 350V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M350AB NEHH1.0M350BA
2.2mf NEVH2.2M350BB NEHH2.2M350CB
3.3mf NEVH3.3M350BC NEHH3.3M350CB
4.7mf NEVH4.7M350CC NEHH4.7M350CC
10mf NEVH10M350CD NEHH10M350DD
22mf NEVH22M350DE NEHH22M350EE
33mf NEVH33M350EF NEHH33M350FE
47mf NEVH47M350EF NEHH47M350EG
100mf NEVH100M350HA NEHH100M350HB
Voltage - 450V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M450BB  
2.2mf NEVH2.2M450BC NEHH2.2M450CC
3.3mf NEVH3.3M450CC NEHH3.3M450CD
4.7mf NEVH4.7M450CD NEHH4.7M450DD
10mf NEVH10M450DE NEHH10M450ED
22mf NEVH22M450EG NEHH22M450FE
33mf NEVH33M450EF NEHH33M450FG
47mf NEVH47M450HA NEHH47M450HB
100mf NEVH100M450JA NEHH100M450JB


High Temperature +105° C Aluminum Electrolytic 6.3 v - 450 VoltsHigh Temperature +105° C Aluminum Electrolytic

6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 160V 250V 350V 450V
Capacitors listed in Voltage order Clickherefor specifications sheet

Part No. Part No. CapacitanceRadial LeadAxial Lead


Voltage - 6.3VVHT 5C


VHT Series

220mf VHT220M6.3 330mf VHT330M6.3 470mf VHT470M6.3 680mf VHT680M6.3 820mf VHT820M6.3 1000mf VHT1000M6.3 1500mf VHT1500M6.3 2200mf VHT2200M6.3 2700mf VHT2700M6.3 3300mf VHT3300M6.3 4700mf VHT4700M6.3 5600mf VHT5600M6.3 8200mf VHT8200M6.3 10000mf VHT10000M6.3 15000mfVHT1500M6.3

Voltage - 10V

33mf VHT33M10 47mf VHT47M10 68mf VHT68M10 100mf VHT100M10 220mf VHT220M10 330mf VHT330M10 470mf VHT470M10 680mf VHT680M10 820mf VHT820M10 1000mf VHT1000M10 1500mf VHT1500M10 2200mf VHT2200M10 2700mf VHT2700M10 3300mf VHT3300M10 4700mf

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