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Tool Cases

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Tool Cases BW International

    B & W International

    Our product lines have long been able to establish themselves in the specialized trade: tool cases and bags of the lines supreme.cases, profi.cases and top.cases as well as waterproof, unbreakable outdoor.cases or bike.cases for transporting bicycles.

  •     tool-cases
  •     shell cases
  •     aluminium case
  •     tool-bag
  •     outdoor-cases

    The outdoor.cases from case specialist B&W international were developed for the toughest outdoor employment and were tested und extreme conditions. They are designed for temperatures ranging from - 40 °C bis + 80°C, they are stackable and absolutely watertight, dusttight and airtight. They are crackproof (test: a 2 meter height of fall to a concrete floor) and absolutely indestructible. 

They are equipped with sturdy eyes for padlocks, an air pressure compensation valve. Outdoor.cases are available in orange and black and with individual interior outfit (the standard outfit is empty). You can combine your interior with a foamed material insert (SI) that consists of hardly flammable prepunched cubic elements, a variable compartment division (RPD) made of padded fabric and a carrier strap 

  •     bike-cases 
  •     special-cases
  •     plastic case
  •     leather/synthetic leather bag
  •     nylonbag
  •     aluminium frame case
  •     full aluminium case
  •     steel plate case  
  •     freight and transport box

The F&T box allows the secure transport in a transport box relatively light for the size. Made of HDPE/HWU, a plastic with high impact strength, the box stands firm to the biggest charges and fascinates by the following essential characteristics:

  •     due to the material used the boxes, are break proof
  •     they are stackable in themselves (even with roles)
  •     they are resistant to temperature from 80°to-40°
  •     also with extreme pushes it does not dent
  •     it is protected from splash water 
  •     Solaris
  •     Flashlights


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