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Group Pic Heat Sink Extrusion Profiles and
Custom Fabricated Assemblies

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Wakefield Engineering heat sink extrusion profiles simplify the selection task and lower the cost of customizing a heat sink for an application undertaken by the OEM design engineer. We can also tailor a design to meet specific needs. These customized solutions serve two types of applications:

Customized heat sinks designed to mount and cool arrays of power semiconductors for use within power supplies, enclosures, and equipment cabinets. We can reduce total component cost by supplying a common extrusion profile, which we can machine for mounting requirements for an array of heat generating components.

Custom extruded aluminum enclosure panels, power supply base plates and side walls, and instrument front panels. Specify Wakefield Engineering for high-quality finished aluminum enclosure components when aesthetic appearance and finish quality are important to the appearance of your end product. Our finished product costs are competitive and often yield a higher quality solution.

Group Pic Group Pic Compression Mounting Clamp Assemblies

Each complete Wakefield Engineering Compression Mounting Clamp and Crossbar Assembly (130-D left and 130-A right) consists of one epoxy-coated steel crossbar and one matching spring assembly, each of which must be specified and ordered separately. Crossbar part numbers are indicted with an alpha character suffix (e.g., 130-A) and spring assembly part numbers are indicated with a numeric character suffix (e.g., 130-1).

Clamp Assembly     Maximum Clamping                            Maximum Diameter (Ref)      Crossbar Stud Centerline
Series             Force Range                                 SCR Power Disc.             to Centerline Dimension
130 Series 800 lbs ( 362 kg) - 2,000 lbs (907 kg) 2.25 in. (57.1 mm) 2.75 in. ( 69.9 mm)Ref 139 Series 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg) - 5,000 lbs (2268 kg) 3.50 in. (88.1 mm) 4.00 in. (101.6 mm)Ref 144 Series 1,000 lbs ( 453 kg) - 6,000 lbs (2721 kg) 4.00 in. (101.6 mm) 4.625 in. (117.5 mm)Ref 145 Series 2,000 lbs ( 907 kg) - 10,000 lbs (4530 kg) 4.50 in. (114.3 mm) 5.500 in. (139.7 mm)Ref



Wakefield Engineering's design, analysis, manufacturing, and fabrication expertise provides innovative thermal management solutions for standard and custom heat dissipation products, hardware, panels, enclosures and accessory products serving commercial, military, and industrial markets.

A broad range of board level heat sinks for surface mount and thru hole devices including D2 Pak, TO-3 to T0-247, DO-4 to DO-11, hex-type, stud mount and multiwatt devices packaged in industry standard plastic, ceramic, and metal case styles are offered. Thermal management solutions for increased power densities for devices such as power modules, IGBTs, SSRs, and other general purpose devices are satisfied with extruded heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, extrusion profiles, forced convection assemblies, convoluted fin design, and active cooling products. For compression pack devices, a comprehensive line of precision compression clamp systems and press pack heat sinks are offered. Accessory products include thermal compounds, coatings, casting resins, adhesives, interface materials, wafers, washers, brackets adapters, wavesolderable fasteners, hardware, installation tools, and engineering evaluation kits. Refer to each section for complete information or contact your local Sales Representative for assistance.

                                                                                Board Level and Extruded
                                                                                 Heat Sinks for Power
Board Level Power                       Extruded Heat Sinks for                  Semiconductors
Semiconductor Heat Sinks                Power Semiconductors                     Compatible Package

Series   Page       Series   Page       Series   Page      Series   Page
200      50         290      56         131      172       435      66           D2Pak    TO-38     TO-202
216      44-45      291      53         132      172       441      66           TO-3     TO-39     TO-218
225      51         292      51         133      172       465      67           TO-5     TO-43     TO-220
254      46         295      54         301       64       476      67           TO-11    TO-44     TO-247
256      46         296      52         302       64       486      67           TO-12    TO-45     Multiwatt
258      51         297      57         303       64       489      67           TO-18    TO-66     DO-4
259      46         298      52         382       71       490      68           TO-24    TO-92     DO-5
260      47-49      3305C    58         394       69       502      68           TO-26    TO-123    DO-7
270      55         601      62         395       69       503      68           TO-28    TO-124    DO-9
271      55         603      62         396       69       505      68           TO-29    TO-126    DO-10
272      55         626      58         401       65       510      70           TO-33    TO-127    DO-11
273      56         627      58         403       65       511      70           TO-36    TO-136
274      56         635      62         413       65       512      70
275      53         637      58         421       65       621      64
280      55         647      60         423       65       623      61                    Thermal Links
281      56         657      59         431       66       641      64                    Hex Type
285SC    58         667      58         433       66                                      Stud Mount
286      57         677      60                                                           Compression PackDevices
287      57         680      61                                                           Flat Base Block Devices
288      54         690      61
289      56         695      52
1996 Wakefield Engineering Catalog page numbers


Basing Pic
Wakefield Engineering's design, manufacture, and fabrication expertise offers a wide range of standard and custom heat dissipation products and accessories providing complete innovative thermal management solutions for a diverse range of commercial, industrial and military applications. For Board Level Power Semiconductor Heat Sinks and Extruded Heat Sinks selection assistance as well as custom design configurations, use the charts as well as the illustrations linked below. For additional information, refer to product reference pages, contact our Applications Engineering Department, or call your local Sales Representative.

Style Outlines (images like TO-5 above)
 D Pak   -   TO-124   101k .gif, 
 TO-126  -   DO-9     101k .gif, 
 DO-10   -   misc.    101k .gif, 


The 120 Series Silicone Oil-Based Thermal Joint Compound fills the minute air gap between mating surfaces with a grease-like material containing zinc oxide in a silicone oil carrier. It possesses an excellent thermal resistance of only 0.05 degrees Centrigrade/w for a 0.001 in. film with an area of one square inch. There is no measurable increase in case temperature of a mounted semiconductor on a heat sink after the 6-month stabilization period (Time versus Thermal Resistivity graph).

Thermal joint compounds may be thinned with standard solvents such as chlorothene N.U. or lacquer thinner to reduce their viscosity to a desired consistency. When coating insulating wafers, it is easy to dip them into the compound and place them onto a piece of screen for a few minutes until the solvent evaporates before placing the wafer on the heat sink or semiconductor. When the joint compound is thinned, periodic agitation of the mixture may be necessary to prevent setting. Plastic syringes are often used to drop a 0.25 cc deposit on the bottom of the semiconductor. Place the device on the heat sink and the joint compound spreads evenly beneath the component.

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