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RS-232 DB-25 25 Line Cables

All 25 Lines wired straight through Standard 25-pin (DB-25) subminiature connectors each end. Shielded 100% (Copper Braid over Mylar foil) precious metal contacts, PVC insulation through-out. Molded ends. Fully shielded.
Cat. No. 45-4359 - Male to Female 5 ft.
Cat. No. 45-4360 - Male to Female 10 ft.
Cat. No. 45-4361 - Male to Female 25 ft.

Cat. No. 45-4363 - Male to Male 5 ft.
Cat. No. 45-4364 - Male to Male 10 ft.
Cat. No. 45-4366 - Male to Male 25 ft.

Low Profile Gender Changers

These gender changers are economical, ideal for use where a low-profile is needed in a permanent installation (only 0.7" deep at thickest point). Gold flashed contacts. Fully shielded.

Telco® Adapters For DB-9 or DB-25 Ports

Allows use of low cost TELCO® (telephone) wire between computers and peripherals. Available in either DB-25 or DB-9 connectors on one end and 4-, 6-, or 8-contact Telco connectors on the other. Provides both economy of installation and fast and simple changing of cables when moving equipment. Telco cables and connectors available separately.

RS-232 DB-25 Switch
Cat. No. 64-2001 (A/B)
Cat. No. 45-2002 (A/B/C)
Cat. No. 45-2005 (A/B/C/D)
Cat. No. 45-2006 (A/B/C/D/E)
Cat. No. 45-2008 ("X" Cross Type)

One I/O DB-25 Female connects to two (A/B), three (A/B/C), four (A/B/C/D), or five (A/B/C/D/E/) DB-25 Female I/O connectors.

Cross Switch type has four DB-25 Female connectors, two configured as Input, two as Output.

A/B/C Switch Example: Allows (3) peripherals to be connected to one computer, or, (3) computers connected to one peripheral.

Centronics Switch
Cat. No. 45-2021 (36-pin A/B)
Cat. No. 45-2022 (36-pin A/B/C)

One Female Centronics I/O connector (36-pin) to two (A/B), or three (A/B/C), or four (A/B/C/D) Female Centronics (36-pin) I/O Connectors.

RS232 DB-9 Switch
Cat. No. 45-2030 (A/B)
Cat. No. 45-2035 (A/B/C/D)

One Female DB-9 I/O connector to two (A/B), or three (A/B/C), or four (A/B/C/D) Female DB-9 I/O connectors.

Telco® Crimping Tool
Cat. No. 45-001 (8-contact Professional)
Cat. No. 45-004 (4 & 6-contact Professional)
Cat. No. 45-005 (Modular Hand Set 4-contact)

These tools do a fast clean cut strip and crimp of Telco/Telephone wire for application of modular connectors, and are available in three sizes for your crimping needs.

Telco® Cable (For Use with GC Telco Connectors)
Cat. No. 45-1300 (4-conductor Cable 50 ft.)
Cat. No. 45-1302 (6-conductor Cable 50 ft.)
Cat. No. 45-1304 (8-conductor Cable 50 ft.)

Very flexible and economical cable manufactured to tough specifications required by most telephone companies. Available in 4-, 6-, or 8-conductors. Made for use with Telco plugs and adapters. Standard silver color outer jacket, color coded internal insulation.

Note: Bulk packages of 500, 1000 and 5000 feet available.

Telco® Connectors
Cat. No. 45-1280 (4-contact Telco Plugs - Pkg of 4)
Cat. No. 45-1282 (6-contact Telco Plugs - Pkg of 4)
Cat. No. 45-1284 (8-contact Telco Plugs - Pkg of 4)

Mating connectors for Telco adapters. These are the same, highly reliable connectors used by most telephone companies. Available in 4-, 6- or 8-contact configurations. Application to Telco wire requires the crimping tools (Cat. Nos. 45-001, 45-004, and 45-005).

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