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FTP Downloads**
Fuse Cross Reference(278k) MAC (1.6mb) PC (1.7mb)
Fuse Selection Guide(204k) MAC (1.7mb) PC (1.7mb)
Group Motor Protection Guide(238k) MAC (1.4mb) PC (1.5mb)
I2 T Calculator(238k) MAC (1.5mb) PC (1.6mb)
Motor Circuit Selection Guide(136k) MAC (1.6mb) PC (1.7mb)
Selective Coordination Guide(136k) MAC (1.5mb) PC (1.5mb)
Series Rated(136k) MAC (1.2mb) PC (1.4mb)
Short Circuit Calculation(136k) MAC (1.3mb) PC (1.4mb)
Transformer Protection Guide(238k) MAC (1.7mb) PC (1.7mb)

*The items listed above are "Shockwave" movies created with Macromedia Director and Afterburner. You must download the Shockwave plugin to access these software programs on-line. (See System Requirements below for best viewing conditions)

**These items listed are available for use as stand alone programs with added utility over the programs presented on-line. Each item will begin downloading from our FTP site immediately when you click on it.
CAUTION: Be sure to compare the size of the file that you have downloaded with the size shown to ensure that you have received a complete file.

These software programs are intended to clearly present product data and technical information that will help the end user with design applications. Bussmann reserves the right, without notice, to change any of these programs and to discontinue or limit their distribution. Bussmann also reserves the right to change or update, without notice, any technical information contained on this Web site.

Consult our Application Engineering department at 314-527-1270 for further information. Bussmann is not responsible for mis-application of our products.

System Requirements
      - MacOS-compatible computer with a 68040 CPU. PowerPC preferred.
      - MacOS System 7.1.2 or greater
      - 8-bit (256) colors or greater
      - 16 MB RAM/6 MB free disk space
      - Netscape Navigator 2 or greater, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 or greater
      - Streaming audio requires a Power Macintosh or 68040 Macintosh with an FPU

      - IBM-compatible PC with 486/25 or greater. Pentium preferred.
      - Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 or Windows NT 4
      - VGA with 8-bit color (256 colors) or greater
      - 8 MB RAM/6 MB free disk space
      - Netscape Navigator: 2.x or 3.0 (or compatible) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
      - Streaming audio requires a 486 with an FPU or a Pentium

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