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Mats and Other Surfacing Products

3M(TM) Mats and Runners.
Unique three-layer construction is soft, durable, static-dissipative vinyl with sufficiently low resistivity to discharge static-laden conductors that prevents shorting of pins on backs of printed circuit boards laid on it.

3M(TM) Static Dissipative Mats and Runners.
Consists of a top layer of static-dissipative rubber laminated to a bottom layer of conductive rubber. The synthetic rubber work surface offers excellent resistance to oil, grease, and most common solvents. They offer a high degree of resistance to heat and hot solder compared to vinyl materials.

Highland(TM) Static Dissipative Table Mats and Runners.
These table mats and runners are two-layer constructed, the top layer a durable vinyl which drains static charge from conductors, yet prevents pin shorting on the backs of printed circuit boards laid on the mat. The foam backing is also static-dissipative and a durable, non-skid cushion. Each mat includes a wrist strap/table mat grounding system and two female snap fasteners. Runners include two ground cords and two female snap fasteners.

3M(TM) Workstation Grounding Kits.
Ready-to-use kit provides the basic items needed to create a static-safe work environment, including a 4 x 6 foot floor mat, 2 x 4 foot table mat, adjustable wrist strap with grounding cord, and 15 foot ground cord, and a grounding system.

3M(TM) Floor Mats for Office Environment.
These soft floor mats are designed to provide static protection along with increased comfort for the operator. These are similar to the 8200 series mats with the addition of a bottom layer of soft foam to prevent mat shifting on carpet.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Table Mat.
This 1/16 inch thin black table mat is for applications requiring a work surface with higher conductivity. Because this mat is harder and more rigid than the dissipative table mats, it provides a surface on which heavy objects can be moved more easily.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Floor Mats and Runners for Hard Floors.
A semi-flexible conductive mats that contains an amount of rubber filler for resilience. 1864 has a textured surface for better traction, the 1880 has a smoother, more rigid surface. Each product includes accessories.

3M(TM) Rigid Floor Mats for Carpeted Floors.
Drains away static charge instantly. Designed for use on carpeted floors, featuring an embossed textured surface for easier movement of chairs with casters and cleats underneath to prevent shifting of mat. Check for availability, to be discontinued.

3M(TM) Adhesive-Backed Surface Covering.
The 8100 series is a durable, low-profile product that is easy to position, install and clean. It provides immediate static-protection, draining the static charge from personnel and objects and provides a reliable discharge path to ground. Unlike other surface coverings, damaged areas can be easily repaired with additional material.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Sheet Stock (Thermoformable).
Sheets of Velostat electrically conductive polyethylene (1801) and polypropylene (1840) may be used to cover table tops and to create floor mats. They can also be thermoformed or fabricated into conductive containers and objects. They are easily formed within normal process parameters for these plastics. 1801 are normally shipped rolled, 1840 are normally shipped flat.

3M(TM) Dissipative Hard Laminate Sheets.
Use where a hard, durable, electrically safe surface is needed. These sheets provide a low coefficient of friction to permit heavy objects to slide easily. Controlled conductivity (surface-to-ground) eliminates shock hazard when working on a hot component.

3M(TM) Dissipative Rigid Work Surface.
Manufactured with 3M(TM) Dissipative Hard Laminate 8300 Series, these surfaces have the high abrasion resistance of a laminate, yet are as easy to install as table mats. Nonglare surface resists staining, scorching and common solvents. Edges and corners are rounded. Comes with two factory-installed female snap fasteners and one grounding system.

3M(TM) Static Dissipative/Conductive Floor Tile.
Never needs waxing. This flooring effectively controls ESD. The tiles are pure vinyl, abrasion-resistant, and micro-cut square. No carbon migrates to the surface to make the floor look dirty. Designed to meet both the durability and physical criteria of solid vinyl flooring, this tile is easily installed by qualified flooring contractors.

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