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3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Electrically Conductive Film.
Velostat(TM) film is available in bulk rolls for material handling, shipping, storage and field protection. Conductivity is not affected by humidity or aging and the film is resistant to many chemical. It is heat-sealable.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Electrically Conductive Tubing.
Velostat(TM) polyethylene tubing, in 500 foot rolls, is used to make bags or protective sleeves for specialized packaging or storage requirements. It readily adapts to automated packaging lines. It is heat-sealable.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Electrically Conductive Bags.
These bags are made of opaque, volume conductive, carbon impregnated polyolefin. They are easily grounded and the electrical characteristics are not affected by age or humidity. The standard bags are readily heat-sealable and 4 mils thick.

3M(TM) Velostat(TM) Electrically Conductive Drum Liners.
Drum liners are larger sized 2004 bags. They do not hold static charge when grounded. Commonly used for holding explosive chemicals, that could be ignited by a static-caused spark, or dry chemicals, that tend to cling to ordinary nonconductive static laden plastics. A common application is as a waste container liner.

3M(TM) Metal-In Transparent Static Shielding Bags.
Economical static shielding. Tough three-layer construction. Meets EIA-541 requirements for shielding.

3M(TM) Metal-In Reclosable Transparent Static Shielding Bags.
The dual-track closure version of the 3M(TM) static-shielding bag.

3M(TM) Metal-Out Transparent Static Shielding Bags.
These shielding bags are used to encase PC boards, subassemblies and components in total Faraday cage protection. Shielding layer, very near the exterior surface is highly conductive and able to dissipate static charge instantly. Testable and reusable.

3M(TM) Metal-Out Reclosable Transparent Static Shielding Bags.
An antistatic, reclosable zipper added to the model 2100R bags, makes these bags easily reusable.

3M(TM) Metal-Out Cushioned Static Shielding Bags.
The five-layer construction combines static shielding with our exclusive open-cell cushioning. Protects against direct discharge, triboelectric charge and static fields. Testable and Reusable.

3M(TM) Cushioned Static Shielding Wrap.
This wrap, supplied in rolls, is the same material as the 2120 cushioned bags.

3M(TM) Static Shielding Bags.
A breakthrough technology, the construction utilized micron-size stainless steel fibers suspended in 7.0 mils of heavy-duty dissipative LDPE (low-density polyethylene) to create an excellent shielding layer with durability that far surpasses most traditional shielding bags. Transparent, reusable without testing.

3M(TM) Reclosable Static Shielding Bags.
The same bag and the 2750 with the addition of a reclosable zipper.

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